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Partners in Your Community

McCarthy has a rich tradition of working closely with students, families, teachers and administrators to provide fundraising support for schools and assistance to students in need. We are committed to maintaining and continuing to develop these important initiatives.

This commitment is expressed in "The Partnership Program"-- an initiative designed to provide various forms of support to improve the quality of student life, and school spirit within our partner schools. Our support includes:

  • annual rebate program
  • student scholarships
  • yearbook advertising donations
  • product donations for fundraising initiatives (raffles, auctions, recognition, etc)
  • contributions to sponsored events (conferences, tournaments, etc.)
  • and our Uniform Assistance Program

Corporate Responsibility – Did You Know?

We utilize a world class third party auditor – Intertek - to rigorously test and verify compliance at all of our global factories. A member of our senior management team also travels to the majority of our factories on an annual basis.

You can feel confident that you are purchasing ethically made apparel that has been sourced in a socially responsible way.

When it comes to global manufacturing, we have a Zero Tolerance policy. This includes child labour, forced labour, harassment, discrimination, and other practices that are deemed unacceptable

We take these matters very seriously and prior to entering into a contract with a supplier, we do everything possible to ensure they comply with our requirements. We do not place orders with any supplier that does not meet our rigorous requirements.

We screen our factories twice. First for the Zero Tolerance policies, and second for quality and reliability.

We ensure that our suppliers can meet our stringent quality standards with respect to fabric piling, colourfastness, stretch, weight and other parameters meant to provide you with long lasting apparel. Suppliers must be able to deliver and complete goods when promised and must be available year round for unexpected demand.

We invest in both local and global communities.

McCarthy has given over $250,000 annually in support of students in need through our Uniform Assistance Program. We have also worked with a local charity, Windfall Basics, to donate apparel for local shelters in the Greater Toronto Area as well as World Vision to supply uniforms to children in various countries. In 2015, we raised money as an organization to provide support to Nepal after the devastating earthquake earlier in the spring and provided school books to our factory employee’s children in Bangladesh.

We invest in our employees.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package as well as regular workshops that promote health and fitness.

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